CASE STUDY: Overall Perth Gutter Cleaning


If not cleared, clogged gutters can cause damage to homes and be a breeding ground for vermin 🕷. This is especially a problem with the winter rain so the boys at Overall Gutter Cleaning (OPGC) wanted to make sure they ran a seasonal campaign to generate more high-quality leads.

The Problem

After running Google ads for a few months and having some great success, they wanted to see how else they can improve their marketing efforts and generate more leads so they weren’t reliant on one lead source only. They had tried to “boost” some Facebook posts but did not get any sales (only a few likes and comments).

They decided to get in touch with Kick Marketing to get their Facebook advertising thriving.

The Solution

OPGC had a fantastic highly converting website so we decided to drive relevant traffic to the page where people could leave their details for a free quote.

We utilized some eye-catching “before and after” images to really show the difference their work makes.

We split tested slideshows, carousels and static images to find what worked best. We also took advantage of Lookalike audiences which had previously not been used.

The Results:

The team at OPGC now have a stream of leads coming month on month from both Google and Facebook to diversify their online marketing. Even during Covid, they’ve been able to run the business smoothly.

The cost per lead has averaged at $8.40 over a 4 month period which is very healthy compared to benchmarks.

We’ve taken advantage of the Facebook pixel to make sure everything is tracked and no cost blowouts.