3 Powerful Ways To Target People On Facebook

One of the main reasons I love Facebook ads is the ability to target the right people. You no longer have to throw a bunch of money and hope that your ads land on the right people.

Here are 3 powerful ways to target the people on Facebook to show ads that are relevant to your audience.

I’ve got below a screenshot from the Ads Manager and I’ll break each section down.

1. Custom Audiences & Lookalikes


A Facebook custom audience is a list of people that have engaged with your business in some way or other.

You can create a custom audience list from any one of these sources below:

Let’s say somebody visits your website but doesn’t purchase. You can then create a list of all your website visitors and exclude those that have purchased and serve them some more valuable content. 

You get the picture.

Lookalike audiences can be created from any custom audience source. Facebook will see what is similar between all the people in your list and then as the name suggests, find people that look like them on the platform.

Pretty powerful stuff right?

I good strategy is to upload a list of past ideal customers and then create a lookalike based on that.

Sign me up!!

2. Basic Demographics

As you can see, it’s very easy to target people based on location, age and gender.

Super handy for brick and mortar stores who want to target within a certain radius or even excluding your ads to people that don’t fit the basic demographics you serve.

3. Detailed Targeting

This is some real magic. Facebook has a nice profile on every user based on the posts they interact with, web activity, etc. This isn’t to alarm you, it simply makes for a very personalised Facebook experience so it can show relevant content that interest you.

The options you can select for detail targeting are endless, you just have to start typing.

Let’s say you are a renovation company and you want to target people that may be interested in your business. 

A quick type and this is what we get:

You get the picture. 

You are free to use any combinations of targeting you like. Eg basic demographics and some detailed targeting or a lookalike audience with basic demographics or all three if you like.

As always, let me know if you have any questions.