CASE STUDY: Mindful Homes Boutique Home Builders


Operated by David and Josie Martin, Mindful Homes is a family owned boutique building company specializing in fully customized home renovations, extensions, second storey additions and new home builds across Perth.


Having a network of different lead sources, they wanted to see if Facebook ads were another viable source. They had run some boosted posts in the past which had generated engagement though did not lead to any leads.

They wanted to see if a Facebook expert could change things.


What’s great about Mindful Homes is you get to deal directly with the owners. We wanted to show this is the advertising as people resonate with people and many have been ripped of by dodgy builders in the past.

We created a series of branded graphics and slideshows that showed their service offering and unique selling points.

Taking advantage of Facebook’s detailed targeting options, we could be hyper focused when reaching home owners and those thinking about building and/or renovating.

We could also be quite flexible in our messaging with announcements of any government grants that came out.


In the midst of a global pandemic, we were able to generate them quality leads at $18.64/lead. The volume of leads also meant they could cease 3 other lead sources they had running.