CASE STUDY: The First Home Buyers Club

For many, the purchase of their first home can be confusing and challenging which is why Jack form the First Homebuyers Club helps them with everything from finance, land and design.

As a New Home Consultant, Jack had to rely on spending his weekends at Display Homes and call up old leads to generate business. This was very time consuming and he wanted his weekends back. He then managed his own Facebook ads to see if he could generate some more business but didn’t have much luck with leads costing up to $250/lead.

Jack only ever ran 1 image to his audience. Instantly, we tested multiple different images and filmed a series of videos to test what worked best. We also took advantage of Facebooks advanced targeting options and really honed in on the first home buyers market. We tried both Lead Forms and a Messenger bot to see what produced him the best results.

Within 3 months of us working together, we helped him:
-reduce his cost per lead by 83%.
-increase the number of leads by 1246% for the same period (yes you read that correctly).
-gave him back his weekends by not having to rely on Display Homes.
-had ready to buy leads coming to him, instead of him calling up cold/dead leads.

The way we can describe how Jack felt: STOKED!!