“Why should I hire an agency, rather than doing it myself.”​

Here’s a question I get asked, “why should I hire an agency, rather than doing it myself.”

The short answer is the same reason why you invest in an Accountant for your business, PT at the gym and a Builder to build your house. You’re investing in expertise, efficiency and quicker results.

Let me break it down:


Anyone can set up a Facebook/Instagram ad. There’s plenty of Youtube videos out there. But will that ad convert into genuine leads or sales?

That’s a whole different story.

Here’s a few skill sets that go into a winning campaign: ad strategy, copywriting, creative production and optimisation for consistent results. You need expertise in all and have a proven strategy to execute each skill for consistent results. This comes with time in the game.

At Kick Marketing, we’ve developed the CVS method that is tailored for each client to maximise their advertising potential.


There’s 2 parts here.

The easiest one to address is knowing how to click all the buttons in Ads Manager efficiently so you’re not spending half a day launching 1 ad. Again this comes with time in the game. We do this day in and day out.

The second part is the way you structure a campaign efficiently.

Gone are the days where you could launch 1 ad, and watch the leads and sales roll in.

The social media marketplace has become more competitive with businesses flocking to get their ads seen.

You need to stand out from the crowd if you have any chance.

This comes down to testing multiple variables: audiences, offers, creative, ad copy and so on to maximise your chances

Simply having 1 audience and 1 ad may work for a few days, but if you want long term results, it won’t cut it. This also applies to ‘boosting’ posts.

Quicker results:

An agency with a proven track record of results can generate quicker results.

There’s a stronger foundation when launching a new campaign to maximise the potential of leads and sales.

Also, we can see what’s working well across all our client campaigns and implement them in your campaign.

This also applies to internal changes in social media platforms with new features that we can implement.

With our internal process, we can do mass testing on all the variables to ensure your campaigns perform well.

Why go with a boutique agency:

A boutique agency has a much better client to account manager ratio. This means your business can get the attention to detail it needs to succeed in the advertising landscape.

Think of a home that’s about to be built. The process is roughly the same between builders but it comes down to the HOW which will determine the final quality of the build. You could cut corners and still get a newly built home but by sweating the small stuff – that’s what separates good from great.

The same goes for advertising.

Still wanna go solo?

In my first business, Bubble Bash Soccer, cashflow was tight. I learnt you always have to invest either time or money. In our case it was both. We didn’t have the money to invest with an advertising expert so I spent our own money running our own ads.

It took me nearly 12 months to get some form of meaningful results and I spent a whole lot of money fumbling around. Even with those results, weren’t profitable yet in terms of advertising $$ to closed bookings. It took us a few more months to get to that stage.

We had to make do with our circumstances.

But if you would like to grow your business faster, effectively and in more cost effective way – we are here to help you.