CASE STUDY: How we brought 102 new patients to a dental business in 2 months

The Cliff Notes

Using a ‘no-gap’ checkup and clean offer, we were able to drive 102 new patients across 3 dental clinics within 2 months:

·      147 leads in total with a 70% conversion rate

·      Average revenue of $250 per new patient.

·   16.76x ROAS (return on ad-spend) with a $1,521.31 spend.


This dental business has 3 clinics located in the northern suburbs of Perth. They offer a variety of general dental and skilled services such as smile makeovers, veneers, cosmetic and teeth whitening to name a few.

Their current marketing strategy involved Google AdWords though they wanted to see if they can attract new patients through Facebook and Instagram. The best way to attract these potential patients has been the ease of using a ‘no-gap’ checkup and clean which has no financial burden on the patient. It also gets the patient familiar and comfortable with the practice which has a massive lifetime value.


We filmed 2 professional videos informing about the no gap offer. The first video was light-hearted simply stating the offer. The second video had a more serious tone to highlight the potential negative impacts of not having a regular check-up.

Having 2 videos allowed us to test which video the audience responds to best; as well as for future retargeting.

As the business has 3 clinics, we did a Facebook and Instagram campaign to target those living within a 7 min drive of each. This was communicated in both the ad copy and video making it a ‘no brainer’ that the clinic is very close and there are no out of pocket expenses incurred.

In order to claim the offer, we first used the Messenger objective though this was proving too difficult to obtain the relevant info we required from the patient.

We then opted to us Lead Forms with their basic details already obtained by Facebook making it very simple to use. Those that opened the form but did not fill or watched 50% of the video, were retargeted with more ads.

We wrote the script and filmed the videos on-site with one of the head dentists. This combination was used to build trust with future patients and introduce them to the practice.

We rested 3 different ad angles to find which one produces the best results and lowest cost per lead. To make it easy for the clinics, as soon as a patient filled out the form, an email notification is sent so they can follow up straight away to increase the conversion and booking rate.


2 of the dental practices had a very good start in the first week producing a combined 18 leads. The third clinic yielded no results in this first week which was alarming. One of the reasons is having stiff competition with over 100 other dental clinics in a 5km radius.

To combat this, rather than having a blanket targeting radius surrounding the clinic, we segmented the ads and created a separate audience for each suburb to eliminate the underperforming suburbs and only focus the budget or those that are producing results. Once this change was implemented, the underperforming practice actually improved and had a cost per lead that was very close to the other 2 clinics.

Another challenge was having an increasing cost per lead as the campaign progressed. To combat this, we changed between the 2 videos every 10 days or so to keep the ad fresh and relevant.

Results & ROI

Below are the results after running the campaign for 2 months.

The clinics told us they converted 70% of the leads to come down and claim the ‘no-gap’ offer. Based on this, they got 102 new patients:

147 x 0.7 = 102 new patients

The clinics told us that on average, each new patient brings in $250 of revenue, therefore the total revenue was:

102 patients x $250 = $25 500 revenue

To find out what the return on ad-spend is, we divide the total revenue by the ad spend:

$25 500/$1 521 = 16.76x return-on-ad-spend

Conclusion and Future Plans

Within 2 months of running Facebook/Instagram, this dental practice was able to generate 102 new patient leads with a 16.76x ROAS.

Using a no-gap check-up and clean offer, we targeted suburbs within a 7 min drive of each clinic to make it localized and convenient. Video assets worked really well for retargeting and kept the ads fresh and relevant.

One of the clinics did present a massive challenge with no leads in the first week though we were able to segment each suburb individually and determine the best performing audiences to show the ads to.

The business has been extremely happy with the results and we are now working on a brand new Invisalign campaign which I’ll be sharing soon 🤗.