Dynamic Property Strategies: 12 sales in 4 months

The Company
Cameron Minards founded Dynamic Property Strategies after having much success through his own personal journey in property investing.

Their philosophy is to train and mentor every Aussie’s in the fundamentals of property investing to create long term wealth.

It’s an end to end service from from uncovering their goals to the final acquisition and ongoing performance.

The Problem
Cameron has a very strong referral network but know’s if one his referrals partners stops, there goes a large portion of his business.

He wanted to diversify his lead sources and safeguard his business.

Being a self proclaimed skeptic by nature, he put us on the back foot but took the plunge and the results speak for themselves.

The Solution

We created a broad campaign based around Cameron’s methodology educate people on his unique process. After a few months we added another target demographic he was having success in and that really brought his cost per lead down and volume up.

Being a very busy man, we created a qualification page to send all the leads to so they can be filtered and then to a booking make to improve his connection rate.

In addition there are 10 – 15 email/sms touch points so prospects know, like and trust him before they jump on a call.

The Results:
As he mentions in the video, in the first 4 months, Cameron and his team had 12 confirmed sales with a bunch more in the pipeline.

He is getting a mix of high sophisticated and high net individuals looking for something very specific they have not been able to find in the market place.

As well as mum-and-dad and first time investors, his pipeline is always full.

Having a consistent flow allows him “to not have to strangle every single client, because we need that sale”, as they have the abundant position.

Watch the video for the full chat I had with Cameron.