Case Study: Fieldd – SAAS

The Company
Fieldd is a Start-up field service management software company that makes it easy for mobile service companies to run and grow their business.

Think of it like Uber… but for mobile service based companies.

Originally starting in Melbourne, the company is now located in Austin TX, and Vancouver BC and serving clients internationally.

The Problem
Having previously engaged another marketing agency, Fieldd reached out to Kick Marketing to increase the volume and quality of the leads they were getting.

For startup’s, it’s even more imperative for effective lead generation so they can grow their business with new customers to secure funding for the next stage… and make sure there’s cashflow for product development.

The Solution
Serving clients internationally is a great advantage for Fieldd as it increases the potential to generate leads (bigger audience to work with).

That being said, we worked out the most profitable countries to target so we can focus our budget on the low hanging fruit.

We further broke it down by targeting specific mobile service business rather than going broad so the ads stand out to the viewer.

Custom and copy and graphics were created for each niche to help with this.

The Results:
Here’s the results from the first campaign:

As you can see see from the initial campaign, we generated over 250 registrations with a cost per registration of just $34.68.

A lead volume meant we could now work on improving the campaign further by adding more qualifiers to the registration form to improve the quality even further.

Here’s some feedback from the client (warning – adult language used):