Motivate Property: 14 Sales in 4 Months

The Company
After spending 4 years in the Royal Australian Navy, Corey started working in the property industry when he was 22. Across a 5-year period, he educated, and mentored hundreds of clients and helped them invest over $60-million worth of property transactions, as well as building his own multimillion dollar property portfolio.

Very soon he realised that his expertise could make an even bigger impact to the financial futures of his fellow Australians, Corey then formed Motivate Property Group.

His main objective is to help people build successful long-term portfolio’s so they can retire on their own terms, and to ensure everyone has a great experience working with the Motivate Team.

The Problem
On the search for a Digital Marketing agency to run ads for his business, Corey worked with a few before he engaged us.

He had approached an agency but the values were not aligned after a few months.

Then he approached Perth’s largest agency but quickly found out he was a small fish in a big pond and did not get the attention his business needed. The solution they offered was 1 size fits all and could not generate any meaningful results.

When he engaged us, he did with caution as he did not want to get burnt again.

The Solution
We tried a few different target avatars and ended up narrowing with 1 that performed really well and also his sales team could relate with.

From there we devised an integrated campaign that not only generated leads, but qualified them 1 step further with an in-depth survey. This allows his sales team to speak with motivated buyers first.

A CRM system was created to manage all the leads with automated and customised email/SMS to nurture the leads. Having a larger sales team, we have a round-robin system to distribute the leads amongst his team.

The Results:
In the past 4 months alone, Corey’s team has been able to close 14 confirmed sales in the past 4 months alone.

His cost per lead has been the lowest it’s been and the quality has drastically improved since his previous agency. In some cases it’s come down by 80%.

As he mentions in the video, he can give his team the confidence that qualified leads are coming in consistently so they can hit their monthly KPI’s.

Furthermore as a business owner, he knows his marketing is handled so he can focus on growing other parts of the business and not have to micro-manage.

Watch his full feedback in the video above.