CASE STUDY: Plus Investments


Plus Investments are wealth creation experts. Whether you are a seasoned investor or just starting out, they can help find a suitable property that aligns with your goals.

The added benefit is their accounting experience combined with property expertise. They can properly structure deals so their clients can take advantage of the tax benefits.

Having launched in South East Queensland, they found Kick Marketing through one of our social media ads and needed help to market themselves.


Having spent thousands on digital marketing agencies in the past and getting no conversions or tangible results, Plus Investments needed an expert that knew what they were doing.

They couldn’t afford to waste anymore advertising dollars down the drain. They needed qualified investor leads to fill the house and land supply that was opening up in SE QLD.


We worked out some ideal client avatar and devised a plan to target them via social media advertising. As investors make more logical decisions compared to owner occupiers, we ran specific house and land package ads showing cashflow breakdowns.

This way prospects could qualify themselves based on the deposit amounts to see if they can afford the initial amount.

Initially we ran lead generation ads to Victorian and New South Wales investors looking to escape their inflated markets. Later we scaled this to the whole of Australia.

We placed a calendar booking link on the final “thank you page” of the lead form so prospects can directly book into their calendar saving them playing phone tag


What a campaign. Over 7 months, we were able to generate 432 leads with an average cost per lead of $8.11/lead.

We had qualified leads as low as $2.56/lead and the maximum around $15.22/lead.

The only problem they faced… not having enough stock to fulfil the demand.

Here are the results: